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Office of the Seneschal

Seneschal Badge Seneschal
THL Jean Andre Boeye (James Boeye)
Warrant Expires: 5/31/18
602 486-0359
THL Jean Andre Boeye

Seneschal - Emergency Deputy
Chadwyke von Mangold
Warrant Expires: 8/19/18

Seneschal - Deputy
Edeline de Diekirche
Warrant Expires: 5/31/18

Parks Liaison
Harry Rudkin
Warrant Expires: 12/31/18
Harry Rudkin
Parks Liaison - Deputy
Ivan Du Grae
Warrant Expires:12/20/16

NykoletteAlicia Maria Delgadillo
Warrant Expires: xx/xx/xxxx

Emergency Deputy Waivers
Warrant Expires:n/a
Deputy Waivers
Anny more O'brien
Warrant Expires: xx/xx/xxxx