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Practices and Meetings

Barony of Atenveldt Practice's and Populace gathering

  1. Click here for our standard Hardsuit, Rapier Fighter Practice and Populace gathering
  2. Click here for Summer Fighter Practice for 2018 (typically June - August)
  3. For those fond of the bow click here for Archery Practice
  4. Try the Scriptorium for those with an artistic nature.
  5. Business Meetings are normally the first Thursday of the month. However we are currently looking for a new location to have them. For December we will meet @ 7:30 on Wednesday December 6th at Encanto park where we usually have practice. If you know of free location that we can use once a month please let the Baron and Baroness or Seneschal know.

Currently we meet at the University of Advanced Technology, 2627 W. Baseline Rd, Room 206-207, Tempe, AZ 85283, check with the Senescal for the current location.