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Baronial Officer Openings

Officer Openings

The Big Red Officer Core is looking for a few volunteers to help run the Barony either as a deputy or the principal officer. Come and learn how the Barony runs from a business perspective. Help is always appreciated and gratefully accepted. If you want more details about any of these positions either contact the principal officer (if its a deputy) or the Seneschal's office.  Click here for the official officer email list.

  • Chronicler - Puts out monthly editions of Palm prints - Position is open now - Position open till filled
  • Emergency Deputy Chronicler - assist in the production of the palm prints - Position open till filled
  • Social Media officer - Manage facebook presennce and other duties per Kingdon Social Media office.
  • Waiver Secretary - The Baronial Waiver Secretary is responsible for collecting non-member insurance waivers and verifying memberships at all Fighter Practices.  You will maintain a membership roster and send monthly reports to the Baronial Seneschal and Kingdom Waiver Secretary.  This is a position for someone who is well organized and enjoys meeting people.  You will need access to a computer, internet, spreadsheet and email skills.  Please send a letter of intent to the Baronial Seneschal ( and Their Excellencies (
  • Emergency Deputy Sheriff - assist sheriff as needed, works with lost and found, organizes and runs a watch at all baronial events, files monthly reports with the Kingdom Sheriff and the baronial seneschal - Position open till filled
  • Emergency Deputy Regalia - maintains baronial regalia and is responsible for making sure it gets to events - we currently have 2 deputies. Position open till filled
  • Emergency Deputy Herald - assist with field heraldry, court heraldry and possible book heraldry. Position open till filled
  • Emergency Deputy Rapier Marshall - assist the marshal as needed, may need to become qualified as a authorizing marshal. Position open till filled
  • Deputy Chatelaine - assist the Chatelaine with new comers, loaner garb and as needed. Position open till filled
  • Deputy Chancellor of Youth - Assist the Chancellor of Youth as needed. Open till filled

    Webminister's note: This list was last updated on 10/13/2015. The official source for all officer and deputy openings is the Seneschals office. If you have any questions about this list, any officer or deputy position or duties please contact the Seneschals office or the Baron and Baroness.