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Feb 25, 2020

Barony of Atenveldt Practice's and Populace gathering has moved to Serano Park, as of March 4th, 2020.

Dec 7, 2019

In historic news from the December 1969 edition of "The Page": The Barony of Atenveldt will be having their first tournament on December 7, 1969, from 10:00 A.M. till dusk, at McCormick Park, Scottsdale, Arizona. Revels will follow at the residnece of Richard Ironsteed.

Fifty years later we proudly announce, Barony of Atenveldt - the Gathering. And we have a lot to celebrate! Through fifty years the Barony has stood strong. She has given birth to kingdoms, principalities, and baronies, from the Colorado River to Tallahassee Florida, her works have been felt. To celebrate her life, Normans, Saxons, Picts, Mongolians, Russians, and many other cultures will gather on: December 7, 2019

Nov 22, 2019

The sound of war drums echoes across the Kingdom! They beckon all to come forth to hone their skills in all arts, be they Martial or in the disciplines of the Arts & Sciences. Heed the call to gather at Art of War for a weekend of fun activities, including classes and scenarios in the aspects of war including: Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Archery & Thrown Weapons, Arts & Sciences, Bardic, Hafla, etc.

This event is to focus on preparation for all in the Kingdom of Atenveldt (and guests) for Estrella War, and when possible activities will focus on the Estrella War points. The Eber Hauer Landsknechts have graciously offered to conduct their "Spear Camp" at Art of War. There will be Archery and Thrown Weapons. In addition, there will be A&S classes and groups, and probably some kind of showcase.
Art of War is a new event that is hosted by the Barony of Tir Ysgithr and the Barony of Atenveldt. In addition to the classes and scenarios there will be a hosted Bardic on Friday evening and a Hafla Saturday evening (we are preparing for war after all).

Sep 21, 2019
Our Baron Nudd & Baroness Emelyn of the Barony of Atenveldt invite the kingdom populace, especially the drum and dance community, to enjoy an indoor space for Hafla revelry! We encourage the populace to transform the hall with carpets, reclining cushions, low tables with lamp decor, etc. Be aware space in the main hall is limited. We would ask that larger items to be left at home. 

Activities will include: The Feast, open Drumming, open Dancing, and exhibition performances by drummers and dancers. Lady Sorcha will host a 6-pack Largess derby to benefit the baronial coffers. Please make 6 similar items to enter. The winners will be determined by populace choice! Awards to be determined by what is entered! Youth corner is tentative at the moment. (More activities to come pending availability checks!)

Apr 13, 2019
Back by popular demand - How to Train Your Viking II - With fun activities for everyone! Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 9 AM – 6 PM at Hollis Park 3421 W KENNETH Pl, Tempe, Arizona 85282

Feb 19, 2019

A short post for Estrella War XXXV: Awaken the Dream. it runs from 2/19/2019 - 2/25/2019. More information can be found at

Event location is at 24610 S. Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek, Arizona 85142

Jan 13, 2019

The drums of war draw nearer to the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Once again, the enemy encroaches on these solar lands. It is time for the Atenveldt lands to band together, to hone their skills, sharpen their axes, swords and spears, to mighty their shields and be prepared for the inevitability of combat.

Jan 12, 2019

This event Provides the opportunity to celebrate our culture and raise awareness for Rett Syndrome on the eve of war practice. So many have come to us to tell us how much they miss the splendor and chivalry of this event. We look forward to bringing this free event that allows us to raise awareness and support for the foundation searching for a cure for these amazing individuals. Event Date and Location: Saturday, January 12 from 9am to 4pm at Pioneer Park in Peoria, 8755 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria Az 85345

Dec 15, 2018

Solstice, A Celebration of Light and Stars!

It is cold outside and the weather is harsh, but do not fret for our hall is warm and welcoming! The Baronies Sun Dragon and Atenveldt invite you to Solstice, A Celebration of Light and Stars! Pack up your feast gear and come and make merry as we welcome the return of light to our days!

Event date is December 15, 2018. Site location is Bourgade Catholic High School 4602 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017-3407.

Click  here for the google map

Sep 9, 2018

Barony of Atenveldt Champions

Good people of Atenveldt! Hearken to the words of Baron Nudd and Baroness Emelyn!

In a three-day extravaganza, new champions will emerge to represent the Barony of Atenveldt in this, the heart of the kingdom. 

Beginning on Friday, October 19th, Master Jean Andre will welcome competitors in thrown weapons contests. All who would join are welcome attend starting at 7:30PM at 4500 N. 13th Place, Phoenix, AZ

On Saturday, October 20th at 8 AM, Arts and Sciences competitions will take place at the Peoria Community Center, 8335 W. Jefferson Street
Peoria, AZ 85345, two blocks south of Peoria at 83rd Avenue. 

On Saturday afternoon and evening, heavy weapons and rapier fighters, as well as Youth will meet on their respective fields at Moon Valley Park, 502 W Coral Gables Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85023. 

As those activities come to an end, we will share in a pot luck dinner and bardic, ending at 10:00 PM.

Aug 22, 2018
A Viking love story, dancing, a feast, largess derby and other merriment awate you at the Barony of Atenveld Anniversary event!

Nov 8, 2017
HEAR YE, HEAR YE!! Their Excellencies Nudd and Emelyn of the Barony of Atenveldt and Their Excedllencies Jacqueline and Gefroi wish to extend their invitation to the populace to join them in celebration of the Yule Tide season. This year’s celebration will have a Tudor theme. Please join our celebration in any festive garb.

Mar 5, 2017
BofA Practice June - August 2017 shifts to Coronado Park, Tuesday nights, 8-10 pm. More details below the fold.

Mar 5, 2017
BofA Practice June - August 2017 shifts to Coronado Park, Tuesday nights, 8-10 pm. More details below the fold.

Mar 5, 2017
BofA's annual Spring event will include the Baronial Investaure of Sir Nudd and Baroness Emelyn as the next Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Atenveldt. Click here for a PDF of the event notice

Jan 23, 2017
Congratulations to Baron Sir Nudd and Baroness Lady Emelyn, the next Baron and Baroness of the premier barony, the Barony of Atenveldt.

Oct 31, 2016
Five amazing years have come and gone. Time approaches to present Their Royal Majesties with the wisdom of the populace as to who the new Baron and Baroness of this fine barony shall be. Please come out and cast your ballot for the fine couples that have announced their intent to become the Baron and Baroness of The Barony of Atenveldt.

It is time for the Aten warriors to band together once again to sharpen their skills, hone their axes, strap their shields and come together to prepare for the inevitability of combat at the Kingdom of Atenveldt Central War Practice.

Oct 31, 2016

Harken the beating of angelic wings. Comes again the Silent Angels to bid the mightiest of Atenveldt the glorious to demonstrate their prowess. Time again for this grand Kingdom to raise its voice, in unison, against the onslaught of the nightmare that consumes these beatific seraphim.


Oct 31, 2016
To The Crown and Kingdom of Atenveldt. Let me paint you a picture of 12th Night. Walk with me into the land of Narnia. Come through the Wardrobe and see the room come to life with when you stop at the lamp and turn the corner. There will be different themes throughout the room. Fighting will take place outside the main hall. There will be an A&S showcase with a prize winner (and Queen’s choice). Dancing will take place before feast. Of course, there will be chances for court. Youth activities will happen for the young ones. Site will open at 11 am, with activities beginning at 12 am. Court will being at their Majesties' discretion (hoping around 11:30 am or Noon). Fighting will be at 1 pm, the style of combat will be disclosed at a later date. There will be games that are available to all throughout the event. Dancing will begin at 4 pm. Feast will begin at 6 pm, and should their Majesties desire, court will be held during feast. A&S will begin after the first court, and winner(s) will be announced at closing court.

Oct 31, 2016

On Saturday 12/10/2016 the Central Baronial Yule Event for (BofA, BTM, BSD)  Come enjoy a day of fighting, feasting, and frivolity with the Baronies of Atenveldt, SunDragon, and Twin Moons. The day will feature the Tavern Tournament and Chili Cook-off. There will be a Henrician feast and ball where you can dance the night away. In addition, there will be a gift exchange. Please watch the Facebook announcements for additional information.

Sep 1, 2016
The Barony of Atenveldt invites you all to a gathering of Love as they celebrate their 47th Anniversary.

SIte is at Southwest Indian Ministries Center 14202 N 73rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85381 (73rd Ave and Thunderbird)

Aug 1, 2016

Greetings unto one and all! A year has come and gone and Our currents champions have grown old and tired. Some wish to go off into retirement. Therefore it is now time for Us to hold tournaments. These tournaments will help Us pick new champions who will protect Our fair lands. Letters of intent are due the week before Champions. Please send your letters of intent toTheir Excellences at

Mar 6, 2016
Join us for two days of fun and learning how to work with metal and glass. Classes will be focused on jewelry making, blacksmithing, armour making, enameling, glass bead making and staied glass.

Sep 23, 2015
On Wednesday September 23rd 2015, The Barony of Atenveldt will be hosting the 18th Semi-Annual Novice Tournament at Encanto Park (Encanto Blvd & 12th Ave in Phoenix).

Sep 13, 2015
7th Annual Heroes of the Silent Angles is scheduled for January 16, 2016.

Sep 11, 2015

Our warriors have returned from a viking and our crops have been harvested, we are ready to celebrate another year of plenty! It is a time to celebrate abundance and bounty. The Lord & Lady of Love are in need of heirs. Do you have what it takes to go a viking and bring back riches to earn their favor? Event dates are September 11-13, 2015.

Sep 9, 2015

Fighter practice returns to Encanto Park starting on 9/9/2015.

May 1, 2015
Kingdom A&S Collegium is bosted by the Barony of Atenveldt on Jun 6-7, 2015

Mar 6, 2015
Join us at our Spring Event, it will be held at the South West Indian Ministries center (14202 N. 73rd Ave. Peoria, AZ 85381) on March 28th, 2015 (Saturday). It includes a thrilling day of fashion (with a twist*), hard suit, rapier, and youth tourneys, youth activities. , as well as time spent with dear and new friends.

Jan 18, 2015

Central War Practice - PDF of event info

Dec 6, 2014
BofA Yule Saturday, December 6, 2014 - PDF of event info FaceBook page

Sep 24, 2014
BofA Novice Tournament - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sep 15, 2014
Anniversary - BA Sat, September 13, 2014, 12am – Mon, September 15, 2014, 12am

Sep 1, 2014
October 24th-26th - Barony of Atenveldt Champions

Apr 23, 2014
Novice Tournament - BA Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Apr 5, 2014
Barony of Atenveldt's - Springen Flingen! - Sat, April 5, 10am – 5pm

Mar 28, 2014
MIXED WEAPONS WAR/Baronial Investiture - March 28-30,2014, Barony of SunDragon

Feb 15, 2014
Atenveldt Coronation is scheduled for May 3rd, 2014 at BMMT

Feb 15, 2014
Estrella War XXIX dates are from February 25, 2013 through March 3, 2013 .

Feb 15, 2014
Crown Tournament - BGM Sat, September 6, 2014, 12am – Sun, September 7, 2014, 12am

Feb 15, 2014
Highlands War - BES Sun, June 1, 2014, 12am – Mon, June 9, 2014, 12am

Nov 17, 2013
5th Annual Heroes of the Silent Angels Tournaments to benefit the International Rett Syndrome Foundation on February 8, 2014.

Nov 17, 2013
Kingdom of Atenveldt 12th Night Family Revel on Jan. 4th, 2014

Nov 17, 2013
Join the Barony of Atenveldt for their Medieval Yule Celebration on December 7th at the Bible Baptist Church located in Central Phoenix at 2320 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85006 (the Church is located on 7th St. between Oak and Sheridan).  Site will be open from 3pm to 9pm.

Nov 1, 2013
The Kingdom of Atenveldt’s first Annual Aten University, will be a one day (11/23/2013), comprehensive training seminar for all warranted officers in the Kingdom of Atenveldt

Oct 25, 2013
Come one, come all! Now is the time for their Excellencies, Baron Seelos and Baroness Elena, to select the new champions for our beloved Premier Barony of the Known World.

Aug 11, 2013

Unto the populace of this great Kingdom let it be known that on the 14th day of September the Society’s premier Barony will celebrate its forty fourth year.


Jun 6, 2013

BofA Fight Practice/weekly meeting schedule through December 26, 2012

Apr 5, 2012
Heirs have been chosen and a new Investiture aproaches! Come see our beloved Excellencies on their way to retirement and help invest the new Baron and Baroness of our lands, Lord Seelos and Lady Elena.

Jan 23, 2012
Get your gear and come to War Practice!  Hard suit scenarios, rapier scenarios, even an A&S table.

Jan 23, 2012

"Tournaments to benefit the International Rett Syndrome Foundation"

Their Excellencies Edward & Annalies would like to invite you to the Barony of Atenveldt's Heroes of the Silent Angels Event on January 28, 2012. This event will be FREE and filled with tournaments & prizes for all to participate in.

Nov 23, 2011
Ring in the holidays at Barony of Atenveldt's Yule Celebration!

Oct 11, 2011
Join us as we bid farewell to our beloved monarch's Arthur and Gabrielle and watch their
heirs ascend the throne of all Atenveldt. On November 5-6, a weekend of pageantry and
spectacle will take place at the Montessori Day School 9215 N. 14th St. Phoenix, AZ

Oct 11, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye, one and all. It is time again to compete to be the Champions to represent this our Grand Barony of Atenveldt in the coming year. This year's Baronial Champions shall take place at the new Estrella War site!! So, come join us in the camaraderie of testing out this wonderful new location with our sister Baronies of Twin Moons and Sun Dragon at Schnepf Farms in the town of Queen Creek. The site will open at 2 p.m. on the afternoon of October 21 and close at 6 p.m. October 23.

Oct 6, 2011
Land allocation for Southern Crusades!  Read more if you plan to go...