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Office of the Knight Marshal

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Knight Marshal Badge Knight Marshal
Nikolaus von Erlach - Warrant Expires 
Warrant Exp: 2/5/2018

Emergency Deputy Marshal
Sir Cael nic Robertson - Warrant Expires 1/1/2017
Deputy - vacant
Deputy - Ajax - Warrant Expires 5/13/2017
List - Gwyneth O'Callaghan  - Warrant Expires 12/14/2017
Emergency Deputy List - Roseline D'Avignon- Warrant Expires 12/14/2017
Youth Marshal - Hienrichde Brauer - Waiver Expires; Waiting kingdom signature
Rapier Marshal Badge Rapier Marshal
Duncan Mac Kennie
Warrant Expires: 3/14/2017
Rapier Marshal - Emergency Deputy
- **Vacant**- Warrant Expires
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