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Chronology of Baronial Champions

Champions 2018 - 2019

  • Arts & Sciences Champion - Lord Thome Spyle Syngere
  • Archery Champion - Master Jean Andre
  • Bardic Champion - Shamless of The Red Hands Tribe
  • Armored Combat Champion   - Devorix Catumari
  • Rapier Champion  - Master Ritchyrd
  • Thrown weapons Champion  - Uilliam O'Dubhagain
  • Youth Archery Champion  - Hamish the Hunter
  • Youth Bardic Champion - Kharington Fraser
  • Youth Thrown Weapons Champion - Hamish the Hunter


Champions 2017 - 2018

  • Youth Bard: M’lady Emma (Twilight) Of Sundragon
  • Youth Combat: Amos of Sundragon
  • Arts & Sciences Champion: Lady Ceridwen verch Dykin
  • Bardic Champion: M'lady Lovey of the Red Hands Tribe
  • Thrown Weapons: Master Jean Andre Boeye
  • Archery: Lord John Feathervane
  • Rapier: Lord Duncan Aaron of Windermere
  • Armored Combat: Lord Grigor Montgomery

Champions 2016 - 2017

  • The Hard Suit Champion is M'Lord Sutton de Grae.
  • The Rapier Champion is Lord Mecurio da Spin.
  • The Arts and Science Champion is Lady Enia al-Andaluslyya.
  • The Archery Champion is Lady Edeline de Diekirche.
  • The Bardic Champion is Lord Tiberius Nautius Josephus Africanus.
  • The Thrown Weapons Champion is Lord Chadwyke von Mangold.
  • The Youth Archery Champion is M'Lord Magnus.
  • The Youth Bardic Champion is M'Lady Kharington.
  • The Youth Combat Champion is M'Lady Allianora.

Champions 2015 - 2016

  • The Hard Suit Champion was Lord Chadwyke von Mangold.
  • The Rapier Champion was Master Ritchyrd McUath.
  • The Arts and Science Champion was Lady Aoife inghean Oisin.
  • The Archery Champion was Master Jean Andre Boeye.
  • The Bardic Champion was m'lord Maine of Galway


Champions 2014 - 2015

SCA Name Champion
Triston De Grey Hardsuit Champion
Lord Wade Greenwall Rapier Champion
Lady Auelyn Spyle Syngere A&S Champion
m'lady Alexandra Koressina Bardic Champion
Lady Edeline de Diekirche Archery Champion
m'lord Gerrick of Edinburg Thrown Weapons Champion
Micha Youth Combat Champion
m'lady Atalie of Edinburg Youth Archery Champion
m'lady Dawn Greenwall Youth Bardic Champion

Champions 2013 - 2014

Caell Robertson Hardsuit Champion - Outgoing
Duncan McKinney Rapier Champion - Outgoing
Richard McUath A&S Champion - Outgoing
Catheyn Silvestrov Bardic Champion - Outgoing
Jean Andre Boeyey Archery Champion - Outgoing
Jerome the True Thrown Weapons Champion - Outgoing
Ariana Youth Combat Champion - Outgoing
Amber Youth Archery Champion - Outgoing


Champions 2012-2013

Aiofe Oisin Arts and Sciences Champion
Mitsuhide Shinjiro Hardsuit Champion
Alice of Atenveldt Rapier Champion
Sveinbiorn Halbiornson Archery Champion
The Pfryed Pipers Bardic Champion
Atalie Peare Youth Archery
Unfortunately, there was no one brave enough in either our Barony or in The Barony of Sundragon to accept m'Lord Jacobs' challenge. Therefore, m'Lord Jacobe has become our new Youth Captain of the Guard. Jacobe will not only be a member of our court, but will be on a quest to find other brave youth to compete in a future Youth Champion Tournament. Youth Champion

Champions 2011-2012

Lady Kirsten Maria Matz Arts and Sciences Champion
Bannthegn Lisabetta Bartolomeo Zanca (Sheri Alger)
Lord Pelagius de Ball Hardsuit Champion
Lord Pelagius de Ball
(pending email update)
Master Ritchyrd McUath Rapier Champion
Master Ritchyrd McUath
Merewyn of Eddington Archery Champion
Merewyn of Eddington
Lark Bardic Champion
(email pending update)



Champions 2010-2011
Hardsuit Rapier Arts and Sciences Bardic Archery Youth Combat
Sir Kazemir Valentov m'Lord Marco Lady Kirsten Maria Matz Dawn Silver Rose m'Lord Marco m'Lord Marco
Sir Kazemir
Lord Marco Lady Kirsten Maria
Dawn Silver Rose Jerome the True Alexandria Julilia