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About Fighting in the SCA

Armed Combat is probably the most visible thing within the S.C.A. Within these pages you will find links to practices, how-to's and other information vital to the care and feeding of your basic Armed Combatant.

Rapier Melee

Within the SCA we practice two distinct forms of combat. Heavy Weapons and Rapier. Heavy Weapons is exactly what you would think of when someone mentions medieval combat. Armor, swords, axes and all the bashing and smashing you could hope for! Rapier is more along the lines of what one would expect from a ship-to-ship battle in a pirate adventure or a bar-room brawl in a sprawling city. Long and elegant swords, sweeping movements and plenty of buckle to swash!

Combat Archer

There are even two ways to participate in Heavy Weapons if you just like to shoot stuff, Combat Archery and Siege! Combat Archery is for those that want to take up the noble bow and fill your opponents with arrows, wading into the fray with swinging sword after the enemy has been softened up. Siege is for the more mechanically oriented among us. Builders of machines of war that hurl rocks, shot, or javelins into the ranks and knocking down walls and gates.

Trebuchet in action

Whichever style you end up participating in; why not try them all; you are sure to enjoy yourself beyond measure. Honestly, in what other activity can you say, "My best friend killed me twice today but I finally got him with a wonderful thrust to the throat!"