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A&S Musical Instruments

Short list of the musical instruments that were donated to the BofA A&S dept.

  • Three plastic tudor recorders (2 black and one in a green case)
  • Aulos (brand) soprano recorder (1) black with white tip/end
  • Cornamuse, closed bell, wood  (2 pics, one expanded to show holes)
  • Wooden Olympian (brand) soprano recorder
  • Wooden (light) Moeck (brand) Alto recorder
  • Sopranonino Yamaha (brand) plastic recorder (short, white end)
  • Sopranonino, Hohner ( brand) wood, Doesn’t play well
  • Aulos (brand) very, very short recorder Sopranonino (?) in a case
  • Center section of a plastic unknown recorder (dark)
  • Mountain Lyre, 14 string, wood, needs to be tuned, in a cardboard box (Rocky Mountain Enterprises from PA)
  • Fake wooden chanter (for learning bag pipe), white tip and end
  • A wood block with 2 beaters (short and carved)
  • Open faced tambourine with ribbons
  • A little closed face tambourine with ribbons
  • A Coronetto (per Tom and we found a picture to match it) curved, dark colored.
  • Small, thin (1” ?) tamboure 8” with wax stain on the front (Remo brand)
  • Small 2” think tamboure 8” wide, no wax stain (Remo brand)
  • Large 2-3” thick tamboure 12” (Remo brand)
  • And a wooden drum stick used on the large tamboure…