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Oct 31, 2016

A missive from Vicaress Dascha Alexandrovna Rostova

Unto the most glorious populace of the Barony of Atenveldt do these missives come. I, Dascha Alexandrovna Rostova send greetings. As we sadly follow the wishes of Seelos and Elena, we will miss their stardust, but we will continue in our usual steadfast manner, until you, the populace, have informed the Crown of your preference as to who will become your next Baron and Baroness, to lead our Barony into the future. I will do my utmost to carry on the traditions of this Barony, keep us moving forward, happy and content, until the heirs formally take their position at their Investiture. Feel free to approach me on any subject or with any concerns you may have. You have my ear, as you, my Barony, always have my Heart. In Service To Our Dream, Vicaress Dascha Alexandrovna Rostova

Editor Note: Copied form facebook BofA group 2016/10/30