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Sep 11, 2015

BofA Anniversary - Norse Celebration of Bounty

Our warriors have returned from a viking and our crops have been harvested, we are ready to celebrate another year of plenty! It is a time to celebrate abundance and bounty. The Lord & Lady of Love are in need of heirs. Do you have what it takes to go a viking and bring back riches to earn their favor? Event dates are September 11-13, 2015.

This event has it all! Hard Suit Tournament, Rapier Tournament, Archery Shoot, Thrown Weapons Competition, A&S Showcase, Youth Activities, Equestrian Activities, a Laurel’s Circle and of course, the Lord & Lady of Love Challenges.

Site is pet friendly, but is a working ranch, so keep them on a leash and clean up after them, please. Fires are allowed in designated areas, away from the horses. There is NO noise curfew, drumming may continue all night.

To help us celebrate, the horses of the Æsir have decided to take a break from their daily trek across the bifrost to be available for equestrian authorizations and activities on Saturday & Sunday for a modest fee. Make sure to bring boots with a heel if you plan to ride.

Sunday morning will have a Pancake Breakfast. Location is 15 minutes from Schnepf Farms at 26729 N Aladdin Rd, Florence AZ 85132

A PDF file of the event notice with additional details can be found here